Remote-controlled units

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Controlled production

salamanderU engineers, builds, installs and maintains your remote-controlled units, including isolators with all the necessary equipment, such as microscopes, centrifuges and incubators, voice-controlled EBR (electronic batch record) systems, local controllers, and centralized computer units.

Remote control possible

Our IP-cProtect production units for ATMP allow you to remotely control your production processes in real time, whether the operations are being performed by you or by contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

Take a look at the following scheme to see how the remote control of the IP-cProtect production units works.

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Why you might need these units

Centralized computer unit

By combining the knowledge we have acquired from designing tailor-made synthetic resin isolators and voice-controlled EBRs, we were able to engineer, build and validate a cloud-based local controller. This collects production data from the isolator and SmartReg EBR and sends them to a centralized computer unit.

Remote control

This innovative tool allows you to remotely control your manufacturing processes in real time, whether the operations are being performed by your own operators or a CMO.

Production optimization

The Remote controlled unit is fully integrated, which means the different elements of the unit – the isolator, voice-controlled EBR, equipment, local controller, and real-time remote centralized computer unit – are linked together for an optimal production process.

Get more out of your data

Everything is geared to getting the most out of your production data. You can analyse the data and compare the results for all the different production processes, and so very effectively improve your master batch records and deploy these improvements at several sites at the same time.

Complete production unit

salamanderU delivers the complete Remote controlled unit to you, saving you the time and effort involved in searching for equipment.


Our units are custom-made, so a perfect fit for your needs and available space is guaranteed.

High quality and compliance

More generally, we offer a practical and uncompromising response to the following key challenge: to guarantee a high and uniform quality standard for multiple biopharmaceutical production processes, located at different sites, which meet specific regulatory requirements.

cGMP and other health regulations

Our Remote controlled units are compliant with cGMP and other important health regulations, and we also correctly install your production unit in compliance with relevant standards.