salamanderU's company history

salamanderU originated out of the coming together of four experts in the life sciences industry. Claude Dedry, Denis Decubber, Tony Donolato and Philippe Neyt co-founded the company in 2015.

Four co-founders

On the one hand you have Claude Dedry and Denis Decubber, founders of DispInject, a consulting company specialized in pharmaceutical operations and quality management, particularly in the ATMP field. They see the issues and challenges companies in the industry – mainly small biopharmaceutical companies – often face, in terms of quality, costs and deadlines. One of the issues they wanted to solve concerned a scale-up acceleration and cost limitation through the use of new technologies.

On the other hand you have Tony Donolato and Philippe Neyt, pioneers in innovative engineering. Through their company ADC Group, they offer modular and custom solutions, particularly in the field of containment. They are confronted with the difficulties of biotechnology companies in terms of flexible and resilient infrastructures that are in line with regulatory requirements.

Technical and digital solutions

Bringing together their specific skills and taking a holistic approach to the new (bio)pharmaceutical needs of the industry, they created salamanderU.

Their mutual desire to offer their customers solutions with a very high added value, prompted them to extend their collaboration to the IT group Netaxis Solutions. The addition of this digital dimension to their existing technical solutions makes salamanderU today an essential partner as well as your industrial champion.