26 Oct 2020 SmartReg next generation, the MES that boosts your manufacturing performance

SmartReg next generation is the MES that will improve your manufacturing performance and decision-making in real time. Our stand-alone eBR system has evolved into a fully digital integrated package that drives your operation processes with new intelligence.

11 May 2020 Our “BubbleFog”: efficiency of decontamination of large quantities of FFP2 masks fully demonstrated

The validation protocol intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of the simultaneous decontamination of 350 FFP2 masks and the maintenance of their performance was developed and deployed by salamanderU's and Solidfog Technologies' teams.

30 Apr 2020 salamanderU’s COVID-19 “Walk-Through Testing Booth”

Because there is a need for testing people on COVID-19 in public areas, salamanderU created the "Walk-Through Testing Booth" which enables a quick testing process. It consists of a positive pressure room that protects the medical staff inside, a ventilation unit, a plexiglas window with two rubber gloves attached to it, and two exterior benches.

23 Apr 2020 Our solution for masks decontamination in Canal Z, La Libre, L’Echo, Le Soir, Trends-Tendances, DH, Innovatech and BioWin

We're proud to say that Canal Z, La Libre, L'Echo, Le Soir, Trends-Tendances, DH and Innovatech have each published an article about our solution for the decontamination of FFP2 masks. BioWin and Atlanpole Biotherapies have also mentioned us in their latest news.

22 Apr 2020 salamanderU and Solidfog Technologies solution for decontamination of FFP2 masks

salamanderU and Solidfog Technologies collaborated on a solution that decontaminates up to 350 FFP2 masks in a cycle of 6 hours. The solution consists of an isolation room (CleanBubble), a decontamination system (DosyMist) and SmartReg, a digital voice guiding the operators.

01 Apr 2020 Technical solution for the disinfection of masks proposed by Solidfog and salamanderU

In collaboration with our partner Solidfog (H2O2 nebulization), salamanderU has the possibility - thanks to CleanBubble, our containment room - to offer a complete solution that can be implemented very quickly for the decontamination of masks in hospitals or elsewhere.

26 Mar 2020 BioWin opens platform for health initiatives supporting the fight against COVID-19

BioWin has opened a cooperation platform for the centralization of health initiatives related to COVID-19. salamanderU is proud to be part of the platform, with our solution CLEANBUBBLE.

25 Mar 2020 members support fight against COVID-19 has a whole platform dedicated to solutions supporting healthcare professionals fighting against COVID-19. salamanderU is proud to be part of their platform, with our solution CLEANBUBBLE.

11 Dec 2019 Retour d’expérience sur la maitrise de la contamination en isolateur destiné à la production de médicaments de thérapie innovante à usage vétérinaire

Lors du congrès international A3P à Biarritz, notre client RevaTis a fait un exposé sur la maitrise de la contamination en isolateur destiné à la production de médicaments de thérapie innovante à usage vétérinaire.