salamanderU's team

With over a dozen employees, salamanderU’s team is a true blend of skills. Find out more about them here.

Denis Decubber

Chairman of salamanderU’s board of directors

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Claude Dedry

salamanderU’s CEO

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Philippe Neyt

salamanderU’s chief technical officer

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Tony Donolato

salamanderU’s chief operational officer

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Eric Gillet

salamanderU’s software development manager

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Agnieszka Legutko

salamanderU’s project manager

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Jessica Luyts

salamanderU’s HR, finance and administration manager

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Imen Ben Ammar

salamanderU’s Project assistant manager

Omar Wabbi

salamanderU’s Software developer

Juliette Thevenin

salamanderU’s Sales Assistant

Stéphane Focant

Member of salamanderU’s board of directors

Herman Falsté

Member of salamanderU’s board of directors

Geert Dobbelaere

Member of salamanderU’s board of directors

Former team members

Delphine Delaunay

salamanderU’s business developer

Safouene Fatnassi

salamanderU’s business developer