About us

What we do together for you

We regenerate

We regenerate proven conventional practices of the pharmaceutical industry and we ingeniously adapt them to the ATMP market. Take a look at our innovative use of new materials to develop customized isolators.

We innovate

We provide innovative technical solutions to unsolved problems. By adding voice recognition capabilities to Electronic Batch Records we drastically simplify EBR operations.

We think outside the box

We systematically challenge current practices and propose creative options to improve ATMP manufacturing processes. Our Remote Control Units and Mobile Truck are just some of the examples of our creativity.

We reduce your operational costs

Each of these three values leads to our ultimate goal: to reduce the costs of your pharmaceutical operations. We help you to reduce your operational expenses and the number of FTEs needed – ask for our proof points.


salamanderU's Board of Directors - What can each of us do for you


Denis Decubber

My professional experience covers Quality Management Systems (QMS) and especially GMP/GCP/GTP systems, more specifically those dedicated to cell and gene therapy operations. This certainly provides added value when it comes to understanding and helping your business: with manufacturing and quality control processes, clinical study processes, support processes related to premises, equipment and subcontractors, improvement processes (for example, risks, deviations and out-of-specification issues) as well as with creating and improving your own tailor-made QMS.
I am proud to be the chairman of salamanderU’s board of directors. salamanderU’s innovative products combined with a robust, creative and reliable QMS are your best guarantee for complying with all the regulatory requirements for your Market Authorization Application process.

Claude Dedry

With 15 years of experience at GSK Vaccine in operation’s management responsibilities, complemented with 14 years of consultancy in the management of pharmaceutical operations for SMEs active in the field of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, my added value to salamanderU’s board of directors is my knowledge of the pharmaceutical operations of biological medicinal products.
As a board of directors member in a couple of SMEs and because I am active in the management committee of several companies, I bring this management expertise to salamanderU’s team. I hold a degree in industrial pharmacy and a degree in business management.


Philippe Neyt

My experience in the world of life sciences and more specifically in the field of ATMP gives me the ability to offer you innovative and creative approaches to find and implement solutions meeting the challenges you face.
As a member of salamanderU’s board of directors, I will help you find creative solutions which meet your requirements and accelerate your product delivery during clinical phases operations.

Tony Donolato

As a pharmaceutical engineering specialist, my expertise is in finding and implementing technical solutions for pharmaceutical operations. Based on your process and requirements, salamanderU can help you find tailor-made solutions for facilities, cleanroom technologies, mobile production units and barrier technologies.
Thanks to salamanderU and its innovative solutions, and with my help as a member of salamanderU’s board of directors, you will discover the best technical way of conceptualizing, designing, installing and qualifying your infrastructure and equipment to successfully perform your aseptic operations.


Jean-Michel Hardy

With a broad set of key skills in management, technology and innovation, I intent to bring value to an exceptional project like salamanderU. My long experience in IT and Telecom business gives me complementary views and expertise in such domains where technology can be a disruptive end key differentiator element.
As a member of salamanderU’s board of directors, I will help provide innovative software solutions and applications fully compliant with the strong requirements of the pharmaceutical and clinical environments using state of the art technologies and systems.

Philippe Decrem

I joined salamanderU’s board of directors with the purpose of adding value from a financial management perspective.
My experience as a CFO, especially in the areas of Innovative Technologies, complementary to those of salamanderU, means that I pay special attention to the sustainability of the projects developed, ensuring that they are all built on a sound financial basis.


Herman Falsté

As CEO of AMMA Insurance, which specializes in insurance for care providers and care facilities like hospitals, I have a deep interest in liability issues for clinical trial investigators working in hospitals and for the hospitals themselves. Not only are salamanderU’s products efficient tools for ensuring the quality of ATMPs and so protecting the patient, but they are also an efficient traceability tool for protecting ATMP manufacturers.
My added value, as a member of salamanderU’s board of directors, comes from providing tailor-made support for protecting ATMP manufacturers, clinical investigators and clinical sites.


salamanderU is a member of these associations

A3P Association

A3P is a French association of industrial pharmacists. It unites an international network of skills and experience to meet the technological and regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical, bioproduction and cosmetic industry. You can have a look at our membership page here.


BioWin, the Health Cluster of Wallonia (Belgium), is the regional reference player for all the stakeholders (companies, research centers and universities) involved in innovative R&D projects and/or skills development in the field of health biotechnology and medical technologies. You can find our membership page here.


Aspec is a French leader in the standardisation of clean room technologies. They bring about inter-company and intra-company trainings, events such as ContaminExpo Exhibition and ContaminExpert Congress, technical guides and assistance, and audits in enterprises. Aspec also provides scientific and technical support for the editorial content of the journal Salles Propres.