salamanderU’s COVID-19 “Walk-Through Testing Booth”

Because there is a need for testing people on COVID-19 in public areas, salamanderU created the “Walk-Through Testing Booth” which is simple to deploy for temporary testing operations. It consists of a positive pressure room that protects the medical staff inside in charge of the testing, a ventilation unit, a plexiglas window with two rubber gloves attached to it, and two exterior benches. The booth enables a quick testing process.

The testing booth has one entrance door and is designed to test one person at a time. On one wall, there’s a window through which the test samples are taken with rubber gloves. The gloves and interior materials are compatible with existing anionic/cationic disinfectants, as well as with H202 decontamination. Two exterior benches are supplied, which can be used for the decontamination of the gloves and sample storage.

Guaranteed prevention of transmission

COVID-19 testing operations are often the primary physical point-of-contact between a healthcare professional and a patient, bringing with it an inherent risk of transmission. The “Walk-Through Testing Booth” provides an alternative solution that eliminates the physical caretaker-patient exposure in a modular format.

Positive pressure is generated and maintained by the ventilation system that supplies air in the booth. Compensation air is allowed out of the room through transfer grids on the wall. Fresh air is first mechanically filtered and disinfected by ultraviolet radiation before being supplied in the booth.


The “Walk-Through Testing Booth” can be installed in any public area, such as hospitals, airports, hotels, schools, gyms, etc., as well as outside in favorable weather conditions. The testing booth is easy to move and deploy, it simply needs to be plugged into a power supply.