Technical solution for the disinfection of masks proposed by Solidfog and salamanderU

In collaboration with our partner Solidfog, a Walloon producer and supplier of surface decontamination systems through air (H2O2 nebulization), salamanderU has the possibility – thanks to CLEANBUBBLE, our containment room – to offer a complete solution that can be implemented very quickly for the disinfection of masks in hospitals or elsewhere.

Technical proposal

A validated system for aerial decontamination coupled with an easy-to-implement containment room.


“CLEANBUBBLE” is a containment room that can be installed in less than half an hour and guarantees the containment necessary for the implementation of hydrogen peroxide nebulization. CLEANBUBBLE consists of flexible walls attached to an aluminum frame, polyester tubes, and a HEPA filter connected to a portable ventilation group. Watch the video on CLEANBUBBLE or read more about it on our smart units page.

This containment room then receives Solidfog’s mobile decontamination unit DosyMist and all the masks to be decontaminated, placed on appropriate carriers.


The DosyMist is an ergonomic, mobile and autonomous piece of equipment. Launched by Solidfog in 2012, it has been sold more than 600 times and successfully implemented for different types of applications. The DosyMist, which can handle up to 200 m³, serves as multi-purpose equipment, suitable for aerial decontamination by nebulization of H2O2 in laboratories and aseptic production areas. Read more on DosyMist.

The complete solution only needs to be plugged into a power supply to begin disinfection.