salamanderU and Solidfog Technologies solution for decontamination of FFP2 masks

salamanderU and Solidfog Technologies are 2 expert companies. The first one is specialized in customized containment solutions as well as in industrial biotechnology operations, the second one is a specialist in air decontamination systems to disinfect surfaces (nebulization of hydrogen peroxide – H2O2).

They are collaborating to provide a simple and robust operational solution to decontaminate large quantities of FFP2 masks directly in hospital environments or elsewhere.

The solution consists of a “CleanBubble®” containment room, which can be set up in less than half an hour, composed of flexible walls fixed to an aluminum structure, a vacuum unit fitted with a HEPA filter and a “DosyMist®” decontamination unit, which generates a mist of H2O2. This containment chamber is also equipped with “SmartReg®”, a digital solution that vocally guides operators during the disinfection process and which automatically generates a decontamination report. The solution can disinfect up to 350 FFP2 masks in a 6h cycle.


The salamanderU / Solidfog Technologies solution, which combines expertise in decontamination and containment management by acknowledged suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry, is an industrial solution. 350 masks can indeed be decontaminated in 6 hours, so more than 1000 masks a day (potential of 3 cycles per day) with a minimum of human intervention (less than 2 hours), since this is limited to placing the masks on the racks in the “CleanBubble®”, starting the decontamination cycle and removing the masks from the “CleanBubble®”.


The decontamination unit’s installation and usage are possible in 3 days. The unit can be installed in places such as a corridor, a storage place, a hall and only requires an ordinary power supply to start disinfection. It’s a simple solution including the “CleanBubble®” containment area, the “DosyMist®” decontamination system and supports to position the masks. “SmartReg®”, the voice-controlled digital solution for controlling operations, offers a single operator fast and complete autonomy while a decontamination report is generated at the end of the cycle.


The very competitive cost of decontaminated masks is significantly lower than the cost of a new FFP2 mask. salamanderU and Solidfog Technologies have ten decontamination units available, ready to be deployed quickly. This solution that combines multiple facilities can also be used to decontaminate the hospital’s medical equipment.


salamanderU and Solidfog Technologies have developed and deployed a validation protocol for the simultaneous decontamination of 350 FFP2 masks. This validation is based on the validations performed for pharmaceutical processes. One can so demonstrate the decontamination effectiveness and the preservation of the physical properties of the masks after contact with H2O2.

The protocol is in accordance with the guidance issued by the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP): “Guidance for the reprocessing of surgical masks and filtering facepiece respirators (FFP2, FFP3) during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency”.

At this stage, 3 validation cycles have been carried out and the results given by the chemical and biological indicators meet the requirements and show that the disinfection is effective. It should be noted that the relevance of our solution is reinforced by the tests approved by US FDA authorities. These studies confirm the effectiveness of disinfection with H2O2 and prove that the masks retain their physical properties after 30 decontamination cycles.

The validation of a series of 10 consecutive cycles is in progress; the masks thus treated will be sent to an accredited European laboratory in the next few days to demonstrate the preservation of their performance. Update: the efficiency of the decontamination of large quantities of FFP2 masks has been fully demonstrated. Read all about the validation here.

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