Fighting against COVID-19

salamanderU uses its expertise and knowhow in
the fight against COVID-19

salamanderU and its partners ADC group and Solidfog Technologies develop and provide specific containment solutions to combat COVID-19.

The need in hospitals and elsewhere to ensure the safety of health workers is very high. It is essential to keep health care and industrial professionals in good health during the pandemic to slow the infection rate and support the increased staffing needs. Many governments and health care providers find this a difficult task due to the global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Other challenges such as the need for large quantities of material should also be focused on.

Our "CLEANBUBBLE" solution

Our “CLEANBUBBLE” is designed for effective and rapid containment, for example when immediate protection against contagious infections is needed. It is a depressurized room which can be installed in less than half an hour and which prevents pathogens from spreading in the adjacent environment. It consists of flexible walls that are attached to an aluminum frame, polyester piping, a HEPA filter and a UV-C germicidal lamp.

Hospitals which must treat patients suffering from contagious diseases and that don’t wish the pathogenic agent spreading within the hospital institution can for example install the “CLEANBUBBLE” in an outside container.

Our "Walk-Through Testing Booth"

Because there is a need for testing people on COVID-19 in public areas, salamanderU created the “Walk-Through Testing Booth”, which is simple to deploy for temporary testing operations. It consists of a positive pressure room that protects the medical staff inside in charge of the testing, a ventilation unit, a plexiglas window with two rubber gloves attached to it, and two exterior benches. The booth enables a quick testing process.

It can be installed in any public area, such as hospitals, airports, hotels, schools, gyms, etc., as well as outside in favorable weather conditions. The testing booth is easy to move and deploy, it simply needs to be plugged into a power supply.

Our decontamination room

salamanderU and Solidfog Technologies have collaborated to provide a solution for the decontamination of large quantities of FFP2 masks directly in hospital environments or elsewhere. The solution can disinfect up to 350 FFP2 masks in a 6h cycle.

The solution consists of a “CleanBubble” containment room, which can be set up in less than half an hour, composed of flexible walls fixed to an aluminum structure, a vacuum unit fitted with a HEPA filter and a “DosyMist” decontamination unit, which generates a mist of H2O2. This containment chamber is also equipped with “SmartReg”, a digital solution that vocally guides operators during the disinfection process and which automatically generates a decontamination report.


26 Feb 2021
New collaborations, new projects for salamanderU: LTCG

salamanderU is very pleased to welcome LTCG as a new customer.

16 Dec 2020
New collaboration, new project for salamanderU that confirms the need for innovation in the control of containment operations

salamanderU is very pleased to announce its collaboration with the Spanish company VIVEBiotech.

26 Oct 2020
SmartReg next generation, the MES that boosts your manufacturing performance

SmartReg next generation is the MES that will improve your manufacturing performance and decision-making in real time. Our stand-alone eBR system has become a fully digital integrated package that drives your operation processes with new intelligence.

11 May 2020
Our “BubbleFog”: efficiency of decontamination of large quantities of FFP2 masks fully demonstrated

The validation protocol intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of the simultaneous decontamination of 350 FFP2 masks and the maintenance of their performance was developed and deployed by salamanderU's and Solidfog Technologies' teams.